¡Viva España!

An exciting group exhibition of works by 22 Spanish artists

The works of these 22 artists from all regions of Spain will extend over every medium and technique gathered together in one place. Some of them are exhibiting for first time, some of them have created works especially for this exhibition while some have established art careers around the world. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy their works.

The current economic situation in Spain has created a forced displacement of the inhabitants. The young population is the most affected by these circumstances. However, this gives the rest of the world the opportunity to see the work of Spanish artists that might otherwise not have had the opportunity to exhibit outside their home country. In August the Grant Bradley Gallery will host a number of these artists, most of which have chosen Bristol to settle and carry on creating and spreading their art. Bristol’s prosperous art scene encourages them to continue developing their own creativity and individual styles.

Spain has accumulated centuries of exceptional art demonstrated by masters such as Velazquez, Goya and Picasso. These masters influence contemporary artists to varying degrees and their presence reflects on many of the pieces in this show.


Andres Castrillo Ferrer, Alejandro Perez Fabregas, Beatriz Elorza, Dani Rodriguez, Dani Tinez, Daniel Artesero, Daniel Bayardi, Ibai Fernandez, Israel Martinez Herrero, J. Nezna, Jose Camacho, Josep Prats, Marisa Jiménez, Marta Conesa Rojo, Miguel Angel Galan, Pablo Teresa-Palacio, Sandra Justo, Sara Abad Catalan, Sara Louro, Susana Morcillo Leon, Yeyo Riancho, Yol Bernado.


Showing 8th August – 29th August 2015

Private View – Friday 7th August at 6p